Contracted design

Soogroo is used by sports teams to communicate, schedule training, and share acheivements.

Soogroo is a social and communications app aimed at both players and managers of sports clubs. The app enables users to publicly share photos and status updates and allows managers to schedule training and confirm attendee numbers.

I worked on the logo, branding, and app design for Soogroo. I worked closely with the small team of developers to design the app and a mini design system. We communicated with sports managers and players during the research stage of the process.

The green used reflects the pitches, fields and astro-turf where the teams play. The logo of course hints at the communication that will take place among players and managers. The brand is punchy and modern, aimed primarily at young sports participants.

I minimised the user flow of the app to make it as concise and engaging as possible. For example I reduced the number of desired menu items from 4/5 to 3, improving the user experience.