2019 - 2021
Project as part of role at Indeed

Indeed sponsored Team Ireland for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. I was tasked with creating the look for the partnership which extended for two years.

When designing the look for the compaign I took inspiration from Celtic artwork, with linework and spirals. These shapes then developed to reflect the sports being played by the athletes, or the poses made during perfomances.

As part of this project I designed the look itself as well as digital and print ads, animations, building wraps, posters, swag etc. I also provided creative direction to other designers and photographers and worked closely with copywriters and other creatives.

We publicised the sponsorship throughout 2020 and 2021 with high visibility social campaigns, online video, nationwide murals, digital and print advertising, posters, events, radio shows etc. Despite the Olympics' cancellation in 2020 the sponsorship resulted in a significant increase in brand awareness for Indeed.

The campaign, with a total digital reach of 38 million, was nominated for 4 European Sponsorship Association awards and won one Irish award for best use of PR.